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About the Conference…

“SOAR is not just another conference, it is a must and a life changer.”  – Sue, participant at 2013, 2015 Conferences. 

SOAR 2017 Women’s Conference is continuing the legacy with our Third Biennial event in Vernon, NJ on October 28, 2017. The theme of our event this year is SOAR–Fearlessly to New Heights. SOAR was built on the belief that the unique talents of women contribute to our families, our communities and beyond, in business, education, and culture.

Our hope is that we will SOAR beyond what we could ever imagine. Our hope is that we will all grow as individuals, be inspired and take charge of tomorrow, and reflect on the good and beauty that surrounds us. The conference is scheduled for Saturday, October 28th at the Mineral Resort and Spa in Vernon, NJ.

Throughout the day, you will be able to attend workshops by top authors, business leaders, top female thought leaders, and health professionals. We anticipate attendance of over three-hundred women from around the globe.

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